This site is dedicated to the work of hypnotherapist Joe Keeton. Joe helped thousands of people to deal with physical and emotional problems through hypnosis, and he also pioneered the exploration of past-life regression through hypnosis. You can find out about his life and work on the different pages of this site.

The site has been set up, with the approval and support of Joe’s widow Monica, by Simon Petherick, co-author of Joe’s book The Power of the Mind which we have just released as an e-book.

The purpose of the site is to renew interest in the work of this extraordinary man and to gather memories, comments and reflections on his life and achievements. Having reissued his seminal The Power of the Mind, we now hope to republish more of Joe’s books and also books by people who were influenced by him. We welcome suggestions on this. We would also welcome information on hypnotherapists working today.

If you would like to Comment on any part of the site, we would welcome your thoughts – you’ll find a Comment button on most pages. Your first Comment will await moderation – all subsequent Comments you make will go live straight away. This is just a precaution to try and keep the site free from spam. If you would like to write any kind of recollection of Joe and his work, then please email your recollection to Simon using the address shown on the Contact page and it will be uploaded very quickly. Do please also email Simon other ideas and suggestions for the site – in particular, we’d be keen to hear from people who feel they are working in the spirit of Joe’s work today.

Thank you for visiting.

30 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just to let you know that Monica Keeton’s book ‘I died on the Titanic’ is now available on Amazon and through the website http://www.liverpoolbooksonline.co.uk I am Sue Westoby at Pharaoh Press, Monica’s publisher and it is thanks to Joe Keeton that Monica was able to go through the regression process and conquer her fear of deep water and discover just why she had this fear. The book is fascinating and is dedicated to Joe himself.

  2. So glad to see this website. Joe deely touched many peoples’ lives for the better, including my own. He had a brilliant mind and the world is the poorer for his passing, but he did leave us an insight into that mind through his books.

  3. Hello, I didn’t know Joe but I found his book The Power of the Mind completely fascinating. I am very pleased to see this new website for him.

  4. Arthur O'Hara (stepson) said:

    I have fond memories of Joe’s regression sessions at our house in Hoylake in the mid 1970s. At the time I was something of an ambivalent teenager mostly wrapped up in my own world, but I was often roped in as the tea runner, providing hot drinks and biscuits for anything up to 20 people at a time, wandering in and out of sessions the like of which I’ve never seen before or since. It all seemed pretty ordinary back then, just Joe doing his thing, perhaps it’s only in hindsight that we’ve all come to realise how just special it really was.

    • Judith Westerman said:

      I came to a session having met Joe at a Cosmopolitan Magazine “study day” where he changed my thoughts and my outlook. Sadly my skills are rusty..

  5. Valerie Williams said:

    My brother Stephen and his then wife Tanya set up a group their house in Wimbledon after reading Joe Keeton wanted to visit small numbers of interested people in their homes . . . . . Joe visited our group for some time and with some amazing results . . . the only person he could not hypnotise sadly was me . . . . but I remember looking forward to his visits and would love to hear from anyone who was in our group at that time . . it was sometime in the 1970’s . . . I would also like to know of any reputable past life regressionists in or around the London area.

  6. Congratulations on the creation of the site (also: a belated R.I.P. to Joe Keeton; I’ve only just learned of his sad passing via the site).

    Years ago – decades! – I caught by chance a feature about regression put out one evening by a local radio station (BRMB, serving the West Midlands). On it, a volunteer was taken back to two characters: a laconic, yokel-ish farmhand, and a sickly young woman apparently lying on her deathbed. It was an absolutely unexpected, out-of-left-field thing to hear being broadcast by a radio station, midweek, early evening! (I doubt today any radio station would have either the time or the inclination to devote an hour or two so to such a perplexing subject). I’ve never forgotten an episode being somewhat reluctantly ‘relived’ by the volunteer on air, as the farmhand met up with a local woman behind his wife’s back, or the account of the sickly lady’s dreary, curtailed existence, as she lay bedridden and close to death. The regressionist, very calm of voice and manner, and with a light northern accent, can only have been Joe Keeton.

    It would be fascinating (for nostalgia’s sake, if nothing else) to hear a recording of that show again, although I doubt one exists (the farmhand’s ‘name’ was Jack, and the poorly lady’s Mary, I can remember to this day!). But it makes me wonder about recordings that do exist. Presumably audio recordings would’ve been made almost as standard practice by or for Joe. Above and beyond the short extract available on the ‘Media’ page, have many/any of these survived? It would be a shame if most of this ‘field material’ had just been wiped (as for example, early episodes of now cherished BBC sitcoms were routinely wiped in the ’60s, for reasons of economy and storage). I hope that any other recordings that have survived can be given the appropriate preservation treatment, and at some point digitally converted, so that eventually the ‘Media’ section can build to become an online repository of sorts. As someone positioned on the sceptical side of the fence, I have to say that this is the sort of thing that has to be heard to be credited. Recordings of the process of regression possess an immediacy and power that written accounts are obviously going to lack. Any other surviving recordings of regressions conducted by Joe that can be matched up to submitted written recollections would no doubt help to flesh out the latter a lot.

    Best wishes for the website, and to all those involved in keeping the memory of Joe and his work alive.

    • I also remember visiting a house in Solihull Birmingham in the 70s with friends Angela t and Angela g.to be regressed by Joe. R.I.P

    • Monica Keeton said:

      Thank you so much, Harry. Really appreciate your comments and observations. Joe was indeed a truly remarkable man and is still missed by so many.

  7. Ruth Wedgwood (Bunyard) said:

    How brilliant that this site is here! I have many fond memories of Joe. He was my favourite of all my mothers friends and I love going over to his house in Hoylake for visits. Sadly, I think the last time I saw him was at a regression group somewhere near Bishops Stortford when I was 12, some thirty years ago! How wonderful it is to remember him. 🙂

  8. Margaret Smith said:

    Sorry to hear Joe has passed away, my late husband was doing a few jobs at their property ,and got to know and like both Joe and Monica .
    As I was in pain from an earlier operation joe suggested I come along to see if he could help ,he taught me how to do self hypnosis, which I still do today .
    R I P. Joe

  9. Although inevitable I suppose, it’s a bit sad that this site has become inactive. If anyone passes by who was either regressed by Joe or was present at a session, it would be great if they could add to the glimpses some have posted above and go into a bit of detail about how his regression evenings panned out; the build-up and atmosphere and so on (by all means throw in some scene-setting details – decor, hairstyles, etc. – to give a sense of the ‘flavour’ of the era!), and how those who became subjects were selected. Was there a ‘test’ done at the start of proceedings, or did people come forward who already had some inkling that they had something in their subconscious they wanted to explore, and/or who had already been regressed previously by Joe? Alternatively, an account could be put up on a blog elsewhere, if a willing person maintains one, and linked to from here.

  10. Monica Keeton said:

    Heartfelt thanks for all those tributes and comments on the work of my late husband, Joe was indeed a remarkable man and still sorely missed by so many. Unfortunately there are no recordings currently available, although his books can be found through the usual sources.

  11. Jann Sparks said:

    I met Monica and Joe at their home with other people. It became a most memorable and remarkable occurrence in my life. Joe Keeton hypnotized me and taught me so much about myself. At his suggestion the pain in my hip completely disappeared, even though I had not told any one about the pain. He told me that I was telepathic. I still feel it was Joe who was telepathic. I could communicate with him without audible words and in that time we “talked” about a personal relationship problem I was having. The gift given to me in those few hours was immense and I am grateful. The earth is poorer because of his absence.

    • Monica Laker (formerly KeetonM35) said:

      Thank you so much for your beautiful message. Joe was indeed a remarkable man and helped hundreds of people with his unique ability for instinctively getting to the root of the problem and eliminating it.
      I am so glad he was able to help you and so many others. He is greatly missed
      Kind regards

  12. Monica Laker (formerly KeetonM35) said:

    Thank you for your kind comments about my late husband. They are much appreciated

  13. Grahame Hampson said:

    We visited Joe At Meols in the early 80’s. One of our group was regressed to a life that ended 9 month before she was born. Absolutely amazing. He was a remarkable, caring and sometimes funny man (the stories he told us). Sorry to hear of his passing

    • Monica Laker said:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my late husband. They are very much appreciated.

      • You late husband taught my tutor. I trained in 2008. Today in the Hypnotherapy world , we don’t hear much of his work. I have just shared this site in a group. It is a shame his work is getting overlooked. His book on regression was the what I have read to weigth gain and trauma. I got a copy on amazon which had been signed by him. And I lent it to someone. Never got it back 😦 . I will need another

      • Monica Laker said:

        Thank you for your kind comments,Jaquelyn. I absolutely agree with your observations. My late husband’s recordings were offered to a variety of research bodies shortly after his death. Sadly, none of them were able to help. However, I do still have a few copies of his publications. There were a couple on regression. If you could provide me with the title of the one in which you are interested and its publishers I shall check my library collection. Also, I would need an address to send it to. I look forward to hearing from you further.
        Thanks again.

  14. Vincent Alan Cooper-Field said:

    Monica perhaps recordings could be offered via cd and marketed.

  15. Martina Schulz said:

    Joe visited Augsburg in Germany many times to do his work at our house and my already passed father Dieter Mark did simultane translation houndred times. He although translated Joes book which I was just searching for. Is Monica still well?

    Kind regards


  16. My trainer was taught by Joe Keeton..his book I had was a signed copy. I lent it to someone and never had it back. Typical.

    Good to see his work still going strong.

  17. Judith Westerman said:

    An addendum to my earlier comment, actually not, because it’s unrelated. Joe gave me a copy of his book when I visited his home in Hoylake. I lent it to someone I was working with aat GLAXO in Harrow, and never got it back! Are there any more please?

  18. Susan Greensmith said:

    I was given a copy recently by a friend and neighbour. I read it with great fascination and am now full of admiration for Joe Keeton. And his work. Havong been inspired by the book I have now contacted a local hypnotherapist to deal with my long term anxiety but alsp my lifelobg Emetophobia. I am 71yrs old and think.its time to find out what has caused it to rule my life. Wish I could have met Joe. Sad liss.

  19. When I first started researching past life memory over 20 years ago, Joe Keaton was one of the few on this path and examples were rare, other than those he cited. Today, two decades later I am inundated with examples of past life memory from all over the world. Joe was a pioneer in his field, albeit unwittingly, and as someone who has had past life memory since I was 4, it was good to have an advocate for reincarnation. I mention him and an example of his work in my book THE MYSTIC MIND which is currently unavailable. I hope to rectify that soon with an updated reprint. A pioneer who led the way. Thanks Joe. Good luck in your next life. Ps science is now beginning to prove this awesome reality. Thanks Joe. You were ahead of your time.

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