On this page we will aim to build up a library of audio and video material which may be of interest.

To start the page off, click below to listen to a recording made in 1979 of Sue Atkins under hypnosis with Joe, recalling the life of a 12-year-old illegitimate child soon after 1900. Sue’s story is told in The Power of the Mind, but it is quite something to hear her past-life regression in the flesh. The piece is introduced by Peter Moss, who wrote the 1979 book Encounters With The Past with Joe.

2 thoughts on “Media”

  1. dave marteau said:

    I have just bought an old copy of ‘Encounters with the Past’, and in it are the two original 33 1/3 rpm 7 inch recordings of Sue Atkins, Michael O’Mara and Edna Greenan. Do you want them for this media page? If so, please email me.
    Best wishes
    Dave Marteau

    • I have this book with no way to listen to the recording as I have no record player. I would live if you could share.

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