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Joe’s The Power of the Mind has now been issued as an e-book. Here is the Amazon description:

‘This book could change your life.’ Anne Robinson

‘A revolutionary technique for healing.’ John Shaw, Psychic News

‘He is a forceful and experienced hypnotherapist who can manage to achieve considerable depth of hypnotic sleep without great difficulty.’ Hans Eysenck, Director of Psychology, London Institute of Psychiatry

‘Joe Keeton uses his vastly developed powers to treat, help and investigate an extraordinary variety of people. His work now demands formal study.’ Colin Tudge, World Medicine

‘Joe Keeton’s most fascinating cases are included in this book.’ Daily Star

The Power of the Mind is hypnotherapist Joe Keeton’s fascinating account of his work in hypnotherapy and past life regression. Joe, who died in 2003, was known all over the world for his skills as a hypnotist, and throughout his life he conducted thousands of sessions with people who came to him for help with physical and emotional traumas. In this book, he sets out many of his best-known cases, and presents a series of potential explanations for the experiences which he relates. What lies at the root of the extraordinary memories which so many members of the public revealed when under hypnosis with Joe? How is it possible for someone with no knowledge of a particular period of history to be able to impart the detailed memories of a person who subsequent research reveals to have been a real person, now long dead? Can it be true that the lives of those who have gone before us do not just end with death, but can live on in the memories of other people?

Joe Keeton himself, probably the world’s leading practitioner of hypnotic past-life regression, continued asking these questions throughout his own life, and The Power of the Mind is a brilliant account of both his experiences and his thoughts. This is essential reading for everyone who is curious to know more about the workings of the mind, and how we may all use the power of hypnosis to reach into ourselves to discover the strength to overcome many physical and emotional problems.

Originally published in 1988, this new Kindle edition has been published in 2012 with a new Afterword by Joe’s widow, Monica. For more information on the life and work of Joe Keeton, see

The Power of the Mind continues to fascinate readers all over the world who, like Joe, wish to explore the mysteries of the mind.

Previous works:

Encounters With The Past, by Peter Moss with Joe Keeton
Sidgwick and Jackson, 1979

The Power of the Mind, by Joe Keeton with Simon Petherick
Robert Hale, 1988

The Healing Mind, by Joe Keeton with Monica O’Hara
Robert Hale, 1998

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